Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the written wardrobe

I have super duper exciting news! Last spring, I noticed ModCloth was taking submissions for a writing project they were working on that fused fashion and writing. Obviously, I was intrigued. I immediately set to work on a short story and submitted it, forgetting all about it. Imagine my surprise a few months ago when they told me mine was one of the stories they chose!

I've never had anything I have written published anywhere before, so this was really awesome and exciting for me! I've always loved the way ModCloth is such a fusion of different things and how they really try to interact with people, so to have been involved with them on this was really cool.

My story is called "The Pin." It is fittingly linked under the picture of the diamond rings. :D You can read my story, and the others chosen, at the link below or directly from the ModCloth home page. I'm going to check out all the other stroies now!


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