Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 for 30: day 7

Phew, there. All caught up. I took these pictures today, when I was really near death. I am on the mend now, but I went into work late today. I seriously just rolled out of bed, into some clothes, and out the door. My hair is so dirty it's disgusting.

I can't even believe I am sharing these, I look really sickly and atrocious, ha. I couldn't even be bothered to move further than the front porch to take these. I actually like this outfit too. When I first bought this coat I could barely button it, and now it buttons easily and is quite comfortable. One of my co-workers was actually wearing the same coat today and we were sitting next to each other in a meeting. It was adorable.

[30 items: blazer, gray sweatshirt tee, jeggings, flat boots/necklace - H&M]

I love this necklace. I saw it at H&M and I was like "Oh hi, I love you" but kind of wavered on it. Then I just grabbed it and ran to the register and I am so glad I did. Because I just love it. It adds some nice extra OOMPH to things.

I'm having breathing issues. My nose is so freaking stuffed. I have yet to find a medication that relieves a stuffy nose. The only thing that works for me is Afrin, and I try to use that sparingly as it isn't good for you. I can't have my next Afrin dosage until 7pm. An hour and half of stuffiness to go. And don't even suggest a neti pot to me, because those things are evil.

I'm going to go lay around with a couple of magazines that came in the mail today and bide my time until Jamie comes over to watch Glee. Yay Glee!


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