Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30: day 3

I am just trucking right along with this challenge. I'm sure that's only because I am in the beginning. By the end of the month I'm sure I'll be dying.

I got my hair cut today! Can you tell? Probably not other than it is super shiny. And my bangs are shorter. We decided to keep my hair blunt on the ends and let the layers grow in in an attempt to get my hair to look fuller. My hair used to be so much thicker when I was younger and now it's pretty thin. It's sad. My plan for the summer is to grow out the bangs and let my hair go au naturale. I think if I avoid drying it for awhile it will get healthier. And bangs and humidity are not friends.

[30 items: maroon cardigan, striped t-shirt, black skinnies, black flat boots/necklace - H&M/watch - Guess/rings - mood ring from Disney World, Latin ring by Marc Jacobs]

I think I'm looking pretty good in these pictures, not to be all full of myself or anything. I was just feelin' good in this outfit. I was also feeling skinny, which is always good. I'll totally be at my goal by summer. My hairdresser said I looked cute today too. So this outfit was definitely a win. I've been keeping it pretty simple for the beginning of the challenge, getting all the obvious outfits out of the way. Then my brain will be free to come up with more interesting combos. I once had a teacher who suggested when you were brain storming things for papers or projects to write down anything that came into your mind, even if it was a dumb idea. That way it would be out of your brain and you'd have more room for the good ideas. That is my 30 for 30 approach.

Tomorrow is Friday! Woo! Family dinner with my lover, can't beat that. Until tomorrow lovelies!


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