Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 for 30: day 9

Double posting today since I forgot to post yesterday. Oopsie. What's the big deal about double posting, anyway? I wouldn't care if any of the blogs I read did it all the time. I mean, whenever I do it they are both legitimate posts with pictures and text and crap about my day. I would never update a million times a day with something like "I sneezed" and a picture of a tissue or something. I am hereby allowing myself to double post as much as I want.



This photo shoot didn't come out that great. It was darker than I thought on the back stairs, apparently. Oh well. My nose is all read from being stuffy and tortured and cold anyway. Better luck tomorrow!


Mia wanted in on the action. Or really, she wanted to come outside. Then she got kind of panicky that I might put her in the snow or something and she skiddadled back inside.

The problem with double posting is having nothing to say in your second post.


Let's just take a look at these pictures that I otherwise wouldn't have posted but none of the pictures I took came out good today so there you are:

[30 items: gingham shirt, striped sweater, jeggings, boots/belt - Old Navy]
This is where my mom came into the sun room and started pounding on the window while I was taking pictures. She thinks I'm full of myself for taking pictures of myself and posting them all over the internet. But she was coming into the sun room to do a fashion show of her new purchases and have me tell her how good they look. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, ma.

After that she went inside to put on her goggles to cut onions for our dinner.


This is when I realized the two feet or so of snow still on the ground has frozen solid and will hold my weight. You can't really see me so great in this picture, but I thought the trees looked cool. Plus, hello, totally taking a bunch of outfit pictures of me perched on top of the snow tomorrow.


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